Exhibition & Conference Advertising

LCD Units

Companies of all sizes can increase their exposure at exhibitions and conferences by making use of our uniquely designed freestanding LCD units. These units are strategically placed around an exhibition or conference such as registration points, restaurant areas, entrances to halls, link nodes, coffee bars and other high profile locations.

There are two opportunities that a company can utilize. The first is purchasing airtime on our screens to show an advert or message. The power of Show TV is that it allows any company the opportunity of displaying adverts or messages which run continuously throughout the day and duration of an event thereby maximizing your brand.

The second opportunity is permanent branding on the units themselves. Above and below the LCD screens are static backlight areas that can display full colour images of either the company logo, company product, a particular message or just about anything you want.

By using Show TV’s dynamic and powerful advertising tool, your company will be ahead of your competitors; this will add significant exposure and brand awareness of your organisation at any exhibition or conference.

Examples of video material shown on the screens

Information Units

Show TV’s Unique Information units serve a particular important need at any exhibtion, conference or event. Our double sided units are static units that can house all sorts of information: to name a few:

1. Floor Diagrams and Exhibitor listings

2. Seating Plans

3. Conference and speaker scheduling

The opportunity again exists where our units can be branded with company logos, images of products or just about any static campaign you would like to run.