Our Streamlined Process

Here is the process we use when creating your videos.
Please keep in mind the process is slightly different between Live action & Animation/Motion Graphics.




A meeting is set up for us to discuss your objectives. We ask you about your:
Video strategy & goals
Budget & scope of the project
Project timeline

Our team works on the concept with you before moving onto the script.



Script Creation

After exchanging ideas & gathering information, our copywriter starts preparing the first draft of the script.

Approval & sign off on the final script is required to move onto the next step.




Live Action:
We evaluate & setup the sound, lighting & video equipment needed specifically for your video.

Filming takes place as well as capturing B-roll (if needed). If applicable the voice-over is recorded in this step.

Animation & Motion Graphics:
Our animators create the elements & assets for the project.




Live Action:
We log in all the footage & start producing the final story. Video editing, colour grading & fine tuning takes place. The music is selected & supporting graphics may be added.

Animation & Motion Graphics:
Our animators start animating & use sound design & music to bring the animation alive.




We will go through the process of reviewing the video/s. The video is checked with our internal video quality control before the video is sent to you for approval.

Once approved the video is sent to you in High Definition.

As an added value service we backup & archive your footage & project for a 2 year period at no additional charge. T's & C's Apply.

Video Production

The Show TV filming team have a keen eye & are always on the lookout to film beyond their brief as one may never know where the additional footage might be required in other productions.


Video production continues to be the most powerful & influential means of communication. A video can convey a message within a short period of time & reports show that there is no better way to “showcase” your services or products.


At Show TV we have our own Green Screen Studio. We film a person with the green screen background, which is then edited & replaced with a background of your choice. It allows for a more impressive video especially when it comes to interview videos, presentation videos & training videos.


We have our own teleprompter available for clients. A teleprompter or autocue is a display device that prompts the person speaking with an electronic visual text of a speech or script.


We offer our clients the option of filming aerial footage using a drone. This allows the option of flying almost anywhere through your facility capturing scenery that would not usually be accessible through standard on-the-ground cameras.

Video Editing

Our in-house edit suites offer our clients quick & efficient turn-around times. Our video editors are highly skilled & deliver superb productions time after time.


Our in-house video editing suites accommodate Full HD, 2K & 4K editing. We provide video editing & have a dedicated audio suite for voice-over recordings. Our large music library has a host of music tracks that clients can choose from so that they avoid the cost of paying large royalties on music for their productions.


Motion graphics in most instances is a very useful tool to communicate to an audience using imagery. In some instances a client would like to convey a message, but they don’t have a physical product or service to show. This is where motion graphics can help to tell your story.


With the rise of video content, more & more businesses consider using animated videos for promotion. They are very effective as explainer videos & can be used in combination with characters to help tell your story. There is a range of styles to choose from that can be tailored to suit your needs.


Show TV has in-house translators & voice-over artists that can assist with translating your video production from English to any one of the other official languages in South Africa. This service is very cost-effective & allows companies the opportunity of bridging the language barrier. We also offer translations into Portuguese & French.

Examples of Our Work