Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Show TV has developed a highly cost effective video production solution for the creation of content on Social Media. The duration of the video clips are 30 seconds. This product will allow you to produce more content for your social media platforms at very low rates.

Why should you be using social media videos?

Grabs Attention

Video allows you to capture the viewer’s attention and is easier to consume compared to paragraphs of text. It is a great way to condense information into smaller, easy-to-understand sections that are long enough to keep the viewer’s attention, but short enough to leave them wanting more.

Unique Messaging

Your video should be telling the story that leaves viewers wanting more. You can re-use many of your larger videos to focus on unique messages.

Brand Exposure

Using your logo throughout your video will ensure instant brand recognition. It is important for you to cater for viewers’ decreasing attention spans by giving them fewer excuses to leave.

For as little as

R 3 800/ per clip*


All Editing & Scripting

In-house Voice-over Recording

* Excluding VAT

Each clip is 30s long
T’c & C’s Apply

You can now be ahead of the pack.

This product runs on a contract period and number of clips produced per month.

The longer the contract period and the higher number of clips produced will ensure that the rate per clip is reduced even further.