Video Production


Video production continues to be the most powerful and influential means of communication. A video can convey a message within a short period of time and reports show that there is no better way to “showcase” your services or products.


At Show TV we use high definition cameras to produce professional videos with Green screen shoots also available to our clients who would like motion graphics or other graphics superimposed into the background of the video.


Our in-house video editing suites accommodate High Definition editing. Currently we have four edit suites that offer colour grading, colour correction and noise reduction, image stabilization and motion graphics. We also provide a dedicated audio suite for voice over recordings. Our large music library has a host of music tracks that clients can chose from so that they don’t have to pay royalties on music for their productions.


Show TV has in-house scriptwriters that will bring your project to life. A script is the heart and soul of any production. Our team has vast knowledge and experience over various industries from Corporate, Social Responsibility, Safety and Induction as well as process video scripting.


We have our own teleprompter available for clients. A teleprompter, or autocue, is a display device that prompts the person speaking with an electronic visual text of a speech or script.


With our own dedicated voice over recording suite, we offer clients one stop shopping when it comes to a full turnkey video production service.


Show TV has in-house translators and voice over artists that can assist with translating any video production from English to anyone of the other official languages in South Africa. This service is very cost effective and allows companies the opportunity of bridging the language barrier.


Cost effective 2D animation is another one of our services that we now offer.


We offer our clients the option of filming aerial footage using a drone. This allows the option of flying almost anywhere through your facility capturing scenery that would not usually be accessible through standard on the ground cameras.


Many companies have dormant networks of screens strategically placed around their offices which are not utilized. In most instances it is as a result of content on the screen becoming too expensive to produce. Show TV has a winning formula for clients that enables them to produce content at very low rates. We are more than happy to discuss an affordable solution for you to consider.